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Our History

Our History

Creation of Our Center

There is hardly any authenticated history evidence to determine the period of settlement of muslims in and around Beruwala. But according to the crew of David Andid of Aram Co World Institute who traveled through silk route have stated that the existence of Ketchimala is a living monument to prove that the Muslims where living in and around the area since 1024 A.D.

Ever since the surrounding of Ketchimala has been the place where Islamic preaching was began in Sri Lanka and spread throughout the Island gradually over the period. Until today there have been many Islamic scholars attached to this place making the unremarkable history of Sri Lankan Muslims, leaving a very good example of living peacefully as a minority society among others for todays extended generation. In this order, making ketchimala as the hub. Many Islamic scholars sacrificed their entire life in preaching Islam in Sri Lanka and greatly contributed for us to be Muslims and among today’s widely spreaded Islamic society of Sri Lanka.

It is worth recalling the history of so-called Islamic scholars attached to Ketchimala such as the Royal family of Halaramouth Yemen Sultan Ash – Sheik Ashraff (Raliallahuan) in 12th century, Ash – Sheik Ismail bin Ash – Sheik Abdul Cader (Raliallahuan), Ash – Sheik Mohamed Abdullah Alim and Ash – Sheik Hamza bin Mohamed Abdullah Alim.

All these scholars have been using Ketchimala as a place for Knowledge and Islamic preaching throughout the history of Sri Lankan Muslims. In line with the same practice and the underlying objective we would count several activities such as the initiation of annual Buhari – Muslim Majlis in 1870’s to preach Islam in an era where modern communication devices where not found, formation of an Arabic College in 1986 to foster Islamic preachers from the society and the formation of an orphanage to lighten the future of orphans where being conducted from Ketchimala considering the requirement of the Sri Lankan Muslim society at large time to time.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the entire Sri Lankan Muslim community to mark this place of our historic monumental place of Ketchimala and its surrounded area as a hub for knowledge and Islamic preaching with latest facilities based on the prevailing requirement of the society and the country at large.

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